6 Things to Look for When Hiring a Dog Walker 

Dogs are enthusiastic and social creatures who need constant stimulation to release their pent up energy. As a busy pet parent, sometimes it may be hard to make time to take your dog on a walk. This is where hiring a dog walker can ease your worries.

But, how do you make sure you find the best dog walking services in Australia? Here are 5 things you should look for while choosing a suitable dog walker for your canine friend. 

They should be punctual and professional

Ensuring your dog walker is professional means they are reliable and trustworthy. Like all jobs, dog walking requires a degree of punctuality. This means they should be able to keep up with your dog’s needs to maintain a routine. 

They should have an insurance

Dog walkers should have pet care insurance which can be used in times of unfortunate events like accidents. The insurance should cover veterinary fees and third party liability coverages. We’ve made sure Floofers dog walkers are insured so you can have a stress-free pet care experience. 

They should be flexible and calm 

All dogs behave differently. Some are overenthusiastic and some are unpredictable. A calm dog owner will know how to handle different situations in a composed manner. A flexible dog walker will also try to match their energy with the dog making them feel cared for.  

They should be trained and experienced 

A trained dog walker is intuitive and knows what’s happening with your pet. They might easily be able to understand what’s going on with your dog and act on it immediately. You want someone with whom you can entrust your dog’s safety and booking a dog walker through Floofers in the Melbourne area can help you with that. 

They should know the area 

It’s beneficial if the dog walker is familiar with the neighbourhood and the dog parks so they don’t spend half of their time checking their phone for directions. A professional dog walker will know all the dog-friendly places in the neighbourhood so they can walk the dog safely without disturbing others. 

They should be able to form a bond with your pet 

This is the topmost important skill that a dog walker should have. Forming a positive bond with the dog ensures that your pet doesn’t experience separation anxiety in your absence. The dog walker should have a genuine love and interest in looking after your dog, they shouldn’t treat this merely as a job role. 

Choosing a dog walking service can be confusing in the beginning but it’s important to keep the above-mentioned points in mind before you hire one. Floofers is a reliable pet care platform connecting pet parents with pet sitters. Book a reliable dog walker or any other pet care service in Australia or a Dog sitter in Melbourne today! 

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