Basic Pet First Aid Tips Every Sitter Should Know

Pet sitters give daily care to the pets while their furparents are away. While it seems fun and all, pet sitting service is surely not an easy job. It has many duties and responsibilities, but it is undoubtedly a rewarding and fun experience once you fulfill each task.

One of the duties and responsibilities of pet sitting is to provide pet first aid when necessary. Here at Floofers, we provide short courses and exams for pet carers. Pets are a very important part of the family, so every pet sitter and dog walker should bring them back safe and sound to the owners.

However, some problems may occur during pet sitting. Our Floofy friends are naturally playful and sometimes cannot assess the danger around them. They often chew things they are not allowed to eat, get themselves into risky situations, and go to dangerous places to explore. Sometimes, their playfulness might lead to harmful circumstances that require urgency.

Emergency always happens when we least expect it. That is why every pet sitter needs to have pet first aid supplies and to have proper knowledge on how to use these. And as a professional pet sitter and dog walker in Victoria, it is essential to address and provide pet first aid promptly to reduce pain and prevent major injuries.

Here are some first aid tips you need to know while pets are in your care!

Be Calm

The most important reminder of any emergency – always be calm. Breathe in, breathe out, clear your mind, and collect your thoughts.

Address the Situation

Now that you are calm, you can efficiently and accurately address the situation. Gently check your pet and the surroundings for an explanation and solution.

Assess Your Pet

Identify what kind of first aid you will give. While it is difficult to assess, these ABC acronyms are the simplest way for rapid checking:




ABC acronyms are done no more than 10 to 15 seconds. If the airway is clear, breathing has stopped, and the dog’s gums are not in a healthy pink color, it indicates that circulation of air is not naturally working. Therefore, it needs CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) immediately.

To perform CPR on a dog:

1. Place your mouth over the airway

2. Perform artificial respiration

3. Begin chest compressions

4. Compress the abdomen in large breeds

5. Assess the dog

Give First Aid (if applicable)

Some emergencies, though, need immediate care, need professional handling, so give your pet first aid only if necessary and suitable. Here are some urgent situations that need to apply first aid:




Bleeding skin and injured bones


Seek Help from Professionals

You can already tell if the pet needs professional help during your assessment. If that is the case, it is best to call the nearest vet in the vicinity in Melbourne immediately. The vet can guide you while you perform first aid or be on his way while you do first aid.

An emergency is inevitable even if you take extra precautions, especially for playful pets. For a professional pet sitter and dog walker, it is necessary to take note and remind yourself that your pet’s safety should be your number one priority.

At Floofers, we provide short courses on pet first aid training and a quick test to ensure all pets are in good hands. We want our pet carers to be confident with their skills and knowledge, and at the same time, we want pet owners to feel positive with our services as we know it takes a lot to entrust their loved ones with others.

And because our Floofy friends deserve nothing less but the best pet care.

If you are interested in joining our ever-growing pawmily of pet owners and pet carers, kindly click Floofers. Visit Floofers for booking Dog sitting in Melbourne and Dog walking services in Australia.

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