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A Guide To Finding The Perfect Dog Sitter in Melbourne

Years ago, the best way to find a dog sitter was to ask a neighbour, fellow pet-parent friends, or even go on online forums to post a classified ad. There was no dedicated platform or something reliable to help meet your needs. But that has all changed in recent years. 

Finding a dog sitting service that’s good for your beloved furry friend is now easier, strengthening convenience with safety. Dedicated platforms like Floofers will help you find verified, trustworthy, and experienced pet sitters you can rely on to keep your pets happy. 

Our application process to help you find dog sitters in your region always includes a manual review of all applicants. Floofers require police clearances and we ask all applicants to undergo a training course that also tests their knowledge about the service they are offering. 

We know it takes a lot to trust others with our furry family members, so if you want to take it even further and discover more ways to find the best pet sitting in Melbourne, here’s some advice for you. 

What to ask dog sitters near me

There are a few important things you should know before you let someone hold the leash or the key to your home. 

Here are just some guidelines to get you started. Ideally, you have one trusted dog or pet sitting expert you can call up when you need a hand. You may use these questions to find that dog sitting provider that’s also “the one” for you:

Does the dog sitter have any experience? 

While it’s always welcome to give those new to pet sitting a try, sticking to someone with experience is your best bet especially if your pet has special requirements. 

Check their profile for any past experience. Dog sitting or dog house sitting isn’t just the experience that counts. Someone who has worked at a vet clinic or has lived in a home filled with pets will also have the necessary experience.

Their education might also provide some relevant clues. Courses for animal care might be on their resume and is good proof of their real interest in pet care. Knowing these will help with your peace of mind.

Does the dog sitter have any references?

Another great way to understand your potential carer more is to ask for references. These can be friends, past clients, or other pet sitters you can ask for feedback about their services. On Floofers, we have a dedicated feature that allows clients to leave ratings and reviews for our dog or pet sitting providers. We ensure the feedback is reliable so you don’t have to worry. Read through the reviews so you can think about what other people experience about the potential dog sitter. It’s also an easy way to verify their resume. 

Are they right FOR YOU? 

One thing we know about pets is that there are millions of them in Australia. Dogs, cats, birds and other adorable creatures really get a piece of our hearts. We also know that each and every one of them is unique. 

This next question is really assessing if there’s a match between what you need and the candidate dog sitter. 

An energetic dog who loves to run would go well with an active sitter. 

Someone used to the temperament of small dogs will probably be the best for your chihuahua.

Carers with particular experience with cats are a better fit for your felines.

On the other hand, someone who’s comfortable handling anxious dogs may be an important consideration for you. 

Always go back to what you need for pet sitters so both you and your sitter have a great experience working together. This also means they can take care of your pets even better.

Be specific with your dog sitting needs

Before you even start talking to a potential dog or pet sitter, you should already be aware of what you need from them. There are different kinds of pet sitting services.

There’s dog walking, pet sitting, house sitting with dogs or other pets where they actually stay at your place, and many more.

There are also options for hours or even days if you’re going on holiday. Be upfront with your requirements.

With Floofers you can book only for what you need and pay only for the dog sitting you require. 

Choosing a dog sitting service in Melbourne or rest of Australia can be confusing in the beginning but it’s important to keep the above-mentioned points in mind before you hire one. Floofers is a reliable pet care platform connecting pet parents with pet sitters. Book a reliable dog sitter or any other pet care service in Australia today! 

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