Dog Walking Tips a Professional Dog Walker Should Know

Having a Floofy friend is a fun and worthwhile experience but it requires a lot of time, devotion, care, and patience. It is not only feeding, training, and grooming you should focus on but a lot more, including their need for exercise and mental stimulation. Information like dog walking tips for dog walkers is something you should take the time to know.

As a professional dog walker, it is important to make dog walking and all new activities a very happy and comfortable experience.

Here are some dog walking tips for dog walkers to make strolling around Victoria safe and enjoyable!


Run Through All the Details of The Pet

Make sure you know the dog you are walking and thoroughly understand their needs. This includes any medical requirements, age, breed, walking habits, triggers (such as bikes or postmen) and how long they usually walk for. You’ll need to cater to the dog’s needs during your walk such as slower, shorter walks for those beautiful senior pooches.

Choose the Right Leash or Harness

It is normal for a dog to be excited and to have high energy when taking a walk. Make sure their leash is securely attached to their collar and their collar is not too tight or too loose. You should be able to only fit two fingers between the dog’s neck and collar. Consider using a well-fitted harness for those dogs who love to pull.

Bring Water, Treats and Poo Bags

Don’t forget to bring lots of water to keep the dog hydrated. You may also want to give treats suitable for their health and diet as a reward for their good behavior during your walk. Don’t forget poo bags as you’ll need to pick up the dog’s poo during the walk.

Make Sure The Dog Has A Name Tag

Before taking a walk, make sure to check that the dog has a name tag with the owner’s contact details.

Check The Weather

It is dangerous for dogs to walk in hot weather as they may get blisters in their paws if the pavement is too hot as well as suffering from heatstroke. Always check the weather and the pavement before going on a walk. If you cannot place your hand on the pavement for more than 5 seconds, it is too hot for your dog. On hotter days, try walking in the mornings or late evenings and stick to the shaded streets.

The same goes for it being too cold (as Melbourne often is). If the dog you are walking has a very fine coat (such as a whippet), ask the owner to provide a jacket for the dog to wear out on your walks.


Pick Up After The Dog

Make the city of Victoria a cleaner place! Always pick up your Floofy friend’s poop during your walk.

Give The Dog Time to Sniff Around

Sniffing is a great form of mental stimulation. Give the dog some time to sniff around and assess the surroundings during your walk.

Avoid Triggers

If the owner mentioned some triggers such as postmen or other dogs, you must avoid them! This may mean turning around and walking in the opposite direction if you see one of the dog’s triggers. If the dog is reactive to other dogs, make sure you avoid walking in busy areas and streets, including off-lead dog areas.

Provide Water When Necessary

Offer water to the dog as often as needed.


Provide Water and Let The Dog Relax

While you have given your dog lots of water during the walk – it is still a must to give more after your fun activity. It’s time the dog can have a rest and relax after their physical activity!

Reward The Dog for A Good Behavior

If your Floofy friend did an excellent job obeying you during your walk, give treats as a reward (and if it’s ok to by the owner)

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Because our Floofy friends deserve nothing less but the best pet care.

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