Everything You Need to Know about becoming a Pet Sitter  

Are you an animal lover and are planning to become a pet sitter? Becoming a pet sitter can be very rewarding career choice.

There’s been a rise in demand for pet sitters in recent years. Many pet parents are willing to trust the pet carers to look after their floof when they can’t spend as much time as they would like with their pet. They tend to hire pet sitters who can be reliable and perform their duties diligently. 

If you want to be a pet sitter, then it’s given that you must enjoy the animal’s company and can understand their needs. Not only that, you should be comfortable taking care of them. The following are some of the things expected from a pet sitting job in Australia and other places. 

Providing an excellent pet care service

The primary duty of a pet sitter is to make sure the pet feels comfortable in your presence. This means you should be well prepared with everything pet-related. You would either be required to visit the client’s house a certain number of times in a day or you’ll be requested to house sit where you will be living and looking after the pet and the house. 

Try to know where the pet parents keep all the pet essentials so you don’t have a hard time finding the pet food and toys. 

Going on walks 

As a pet sitter, you would be expected to go on a lot of dog walks. Pet parents want their dogs to be walked and some would even expect you to run with the floofs! Get familiar with the neighbourhood before you go on a dog walk so you can safely walk the dog without aggravating them. You can also discuss the dog walking goals with the pet owners beforehand. 

Looking after the pet’s hygiene 

Grooming the pets is also a part of pet care services. This includes brushing their coats, cleaning their teeth, bathing them, trimming their nails, cleaning their ears, etc. One of these tasks also includes cleaning up any accidents and doing waste removal. 

Maintaining the pet’s routine 

One of the reasons why pet parents hire pet sitters in Australia is that the pet can continue following their daily routine even in the pet parent’s absence. This means a pet sitter should know what time the pet eats their food, what time they prefer to play and sleep and so on. Discuss the routine with the clients so you can make proper arrangements for the pet. A good pet care routine leads to a happy pet.

Pet emergency tips for a pet sitter

Pet sitters should be well prepared for all times. Pets are unpredictable so accidents are bound to happen. They might also fall sick all of a sudden so for times like this, a pet sitter should know what to do and be able to handle the situation calmly. Get familiar with pet first aid and you should be able to assess the pet’s health concerns that may require immediate veterinary attention. 

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