Frequently Asked Questions

We’re pet owners who understand how important proper pet care is. We wanted to create a place where reliable pet care professionals can find more pet caring work while also being rewarded with benefits that aren’t available on other platforms.

We have launched in selected suburbs in Melbourne, VIC and Sydney, NSW. We are currently onboarding pet carers for Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. We are coming soon to your neighbourhood!

On Floofers you can provide:
Pet sitting – pet sleepovers at your place
House sitting – looking after a pet overnight in their own environment
Dog walking – walk the dog around their own neighbourhood
Daycare – perfect for pet carers who work-from-home,
Drop-in house visits – visit pets at their home for a shorter duration (minimum 30 minutes)

In order to join Floofers you will need to complete our assessment criteria. This includes completing an identity check, submitting a police check certificate (less than 12 months old and with no disclosable court outcomes) and completing our short pet care training course.

We make sure that every single profile at Floofers is manually reviewed to ensure all carers are upheld to the high quality that we strive for. Once reviewed and identified as a great fit for Floofers, your profile will be approved within 2-3 business days.

The online training course is step four of the verification process and you will be able to complete it while signing up or via your Floofers dashboard. The course is not too long – it should only take you around 5-10 minutes to complete. Afterward, you will need to complete a quiz and attain 100% result.

Yes! Floofers can accept carers from all around Australia. 

We are very transparent with our fees at Floofers. We guarantee that we will always be free to join and download, and we also have the lowest fees in the industry for pet carers. For every booking completed, we collect 10% service fee from the pet carer and charge 8% service fee to the pet owner to maintain and implement the features that makes us the best pet care platform in Australia.

The Floofers app and website is where you will be able to manage everything to do with your account, such as setting your availability, choosing your hourly rate, and corresponding with pet owners.

We have live chat, email and phone (for emergencies only) to assist you with any issues that may arise. Please feel free to email us at

Getting Floofers carers paid for their hard work is one of our top priorities and receiving your money is very straightforward.  Once the booking has been marked as completed by you and the pet owner, the payment will be released into your nominated bank account within 2-3 business days. If the pet owner forgets to confirm the completion of a booking, Floofers manually relseases the funds for the pet carer within 5 days. 

Having an ABN totally depends on your individual circumstances and whether your pet care income reaches a certain level. In most cases, being a Floofers carer will not require to have an ABN unless you are able to make $18,200 a year or more from pet care services. If you fall into this category, the Australian government will classify this work as more than a hobby and as a business. We highly recommend discussing these queries with an accountant.

All of the personal information used on Floofers is securely stored on our database and is not sold or shared with any other entity and abides by the data and privacy policy.

12 hour  (Same day cancellation) 
The pet owner has cancelled within 12 hours of the booking, they’ll receive no refund for the first 7 days of the booking, and a 100% refund for any days after that. 
24 hour  (1 day cancellation) 
The pet owner has cancelled 24 hours before the booking, they’ll receive 50% refund for the first 7 days of the booking and a 100% refund for any days after that.  
72 hour (3 day cancellation) 
If the customer cancels 3 days (72 hours) before the booking begins, they’ll receive an 80% refund for the first 7 days of the booking, and a 100% refund for any days after that. 

Dog walking and doggy day care always have a 3 day cancellation policy.  Once the booking has started, a refund is not always possible and the Floofers team will assess the situation.  

Neither the pet carer or pet owner can cancel the booking online once a booking has started. Please email our customer service team on with your name, booking number and reason for cancellation. 

Floofers can waive the cancellation policy due to pet carer negligence and any extenuating circumstance such as; –  

Death in the family – Death of the pet – COVID-19 illness – Natural disasters – Government regulations – Other tragic circumstances 

Some refunds may also be at the discretion of the pet carer. 

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*for bookings of minimum $25 only*