How to Make Sure Pets Do Not Escape When in Your Care

how to train a dog who runs away

Our Floofy friends are naturally playful. They can pull and tug, sniff around and run in circles all day long. But what if your pet tries to escape while in your care? In this case, it becomes essential to learn how to train a dog who runs away.

Now, that is a different story.

A dog running away might lead to tragic events – such as becoming lost or becoming injured.

And as a pet sitter, you are entrusted by the pet owners to take care of their pets and take responsibility in case the pet causes damage or injury to others. So, we have to ensure that pets do not escape in the busy streets of Melbourne while they are in your care.

But before we teach you how to train a dog who runs away, you need to learn why pets run away in the first place.

The Common Causes


One of the reasons dogs like to escape is anxiety or separation anxiety. When their furparents leave their home, chances are they have the feeling of being abandoned.

What to do? As a pet sitter, it is your job to interact and bond with the pet to help ease their anxiety.

Sexual drive

Most dogs become sexually active when they reach (6) months of age. Male dogs have a higher desire to seek out female dogs.

What to do? Take measures in your home and backyard to ensure it is fully enclosed. Keep any entire females separate from entire males.


Loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms can be quite frightening to a dog and cause the dog to run away or hide.

What to do? Keep the dog inside and comfort the dog during these loud noises. Play music to drown out the noise, spray calming lavender spray and pat/cuddle the dog to help ease their fear.

Here’s how you can ensure pets do not escape when in your care.

Discuss Safety Measures with Pet Owners

Arrange a meet and greet with the pet owner prior to accepting a booking and ask the following questions:

  • Is their dog’s microchip details up to date?
  • Does their dog wear a collar with a nametag and owner’s contact number?
  • Has their dog escaped while in their care or attempted to escape before?
    Does their dog have the tendency to jump fences or dig under fences?
  • Does their dog have any particular triggers such as postmen, bikes, other animals, etc?
  • How is the dog’s temperament and what are the dog’s personality traits?

By asking these questions, you can establish the necessary details about their dogs and create a strategy to make the pet safe and secure. It is also important to establish a communication plan with the owner in case of an emergency. Ask the owner how they would like to be contacted when they are away and for details of an emergency contact if they cannot be reached.

Secure Your Home

Keep your gates and front door closed and locked. Check for any gaps in your outdoor fencing and ensure your fencing is a suitable height for the dog you are caring for. Create a barrier around the front door to prevent escapes.

Always Be Alert

Be alert for any signs or changes and brace yourself for necessary actions. Dog senses are stronger than ours. It may take a while before we hear or see what makes them suddenly cautious or excited but being aware of their abrupt changes can make us act immediately, too.

Keep Pet Safe and Secure During Walks

Walking is a great way to exercise and release energy – to lessen the likelihood of escaping. But being outside also raises the chances of running away.

Make sure the dog has a well-fitted collar and a non-retractable leash for dog walking. Some dogs may need to have a well-fitted harness to assist the walker with having better control over the dog’s walking or pulling. Ensure the collar/ harness is fitted correctly before walking. There should be enough room to slip only two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. Ensure the dog is comfortable during your walk and always keep a close eye on the dog.

We know it’s frustrating and heartbreaking for pet owners to know that their pets escaped or tried to escape while they’re away. That is why, here at Floofers, we equip all pet carers with knowledge and skills to ensure the safety and security of every pet and give them tips on how to train a dog who runs away.

Because our Floofy friends deserve nothing less but the best pet care.

For more reliable and affordable services, sign up to Floofers.

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