Dog Walking with Your Floof in Melbourne

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Ask any good dog parent and they’ll be able to tell just how important dog walking is.

In its most basic iteration, it’s taking your dog outside for a walk. This can be done safely with a leash safely wound around your beloved pooch’s neck. For a well-behaved and highly-trained dog, vocal commands may even suffice.

After a long while, many owners will have favourite routes for dog walking. Melbourne is a beautiful place with lots of great spots for play and exploration with dogs. 

So why is dog walking a must?

For many owners, dog walking is seen as a serious responsibility that counts toward maintaining the health and wellness of their pooches. So what exactly happens when you walk your dog?

For obvious reasons, walking is a great exercise for dogs.

For sure, they can play around the house or inside the lawn but the long stretches of road and lots of horizontal travel of the outside world is incomparable. 

In fact, for the more athletic dog walker Melbourne, there’s a growing trend of “dog running” where high-energy and physically fit dogs are up for a more speed challenge. You already know by now many dogs have the genetics for long-distance endurance runs. After all, their ancestors are hunters known for stalking prey.

Running with your dog can be a great exercise for both the runner and the pooch. 

Feeding the urge the explore.

Another fact about dogs is that they love exploring new environments. Aside from the physical exercise they get from the walks or the runs, their other senses are also stimulated.

They will see, hear, smell or even feel new things. Dog walking keeps them entertained in a very satisfying way that would be impossible to simulate inside the confines of a house or in the yard. 

Opportunities for training.

In connection with the previous item, the new stimuli also gives a pet owner or professional dog walker Melbourne a great scenario to train the dog. This lets you check how the dog reacts to new stimuli and promote positive and healthy behaviours.

Dogs, just like people, love learning so walking them is really just a near-perfect activity for these loveable pets. 

For people who hire pet sitting providers on Floofers, a dog walk might be an optional service you’d want to add in.

“What happens when I don’t walk my dog?”

Walking your dog isn’t just a suggestion. In fact, for many dog experts, it is an absolute must! That means dog parents must also be dog walkers.

Of course, if it’s not possible for a pet owner to walk their dogs, another option is to turn to dog walkers.

Here at Floofers, we take extra steps to make sure you find the perfect provider for your dog walking needs. Each individual profile on our site meets our requirements and is manually approve by our team.

There’s a lot of science that sat dogs that aren’t walked or don’t go out often have a longer list of health complications to deal with.

Here are just some health risks vets know associated with lack of walks:

Weaker body

Much like humans, without dog walking, these pets eventually develop much weaker bodies. Bones and muscles don’t develop to be as strong as they possibly can be. This leaves a dog susceptible to physical injury.

Outside of just having a more “brittle body”, if you don’t walk your dog, other more complex issues such as heart conditions may arise due to lack of exercise. 

Dog walking helps fight obesity

Dogs love to eat and a lot of that is because their ancestors had to spend so much energy hunting and chasing prey. That’s why dogs are inclined to eat pretty much anything you feed them and that’s why they always seem so up for any physical activity, including dog walking.

That is why without the proper exercise like dog-walking Melbourne or running, your dog is more likely to develop obesity.

And obesity isn’t its own problem. It can develop into very serious and very painful conditions in the joints, permanent difficulty in breathing, and overall decrease the quality of life of your pooch. 

Behavioural issues without dog walking

Along with being a physical exercise, walking also is very mentally stimulating for dogs. Without it, dogs can quickly get bored and a bored dog can develop a lot of behavioural issues.

Excessive barking, aggressiveness, destructive behaviour, digging, and attempting escape are all signs of poor mental health in dogs that may be caused by a lack of activity. 

This isn’t just dangerous for your dog but for people and other pets too!

How much walking is needed – things your dog walker Melbourne will need to know

Like there are several million unique dogs in Australia so are there different needs for walks. The best way to determine the best activity level for your pet, including dog walk duration, should be to ask your vet. For a rough guide, here are a few suggestions:

Small breeds

The small breed range can start from the adorably small chihuahua to the Shih Tzu. They have moderate exercise needs and a daily 20-30 minute walk should suffice. More active (and some say “brainier” toy poodle may require more exercise.


The greyhound, whippet, or even the wolfhound will obviously require more physical activity so add 15-20 minutes to the previous item on this list and you should be good today. Some running in the mix will definitely do well for these pets. 

Giant breeds

Big dogs carry more weight on their joints and bones and have bigger appetites so there’s a greater challenge to keep obesity away with dog walking. A 30-45 minute walk is great. But another option is swimming since it’s friendlier on the joints and considered to be low-impact on the joints compared to dog walking. 

Sprinting, Working, and Herding Breeds

These breeds include retrievers, standard poodles, Dobermans, Huskies, Rottweilers, sheepdogs, collies shepherds, cattle dogs, heelers, and corgies. They are some of the most popular breeds for the Melbourne dog. They require A LOT of exercise from an hour to two every single day. 

Meanwhile, traditional “vermin hunters” like terriers, Jack Russel terriers, Yorkshire terriers, and Westies will need 60 to 90 minutes a day. 

That may seem like a lot of time to take out every day that’s why it’s important to think about engaging wtih a dog walker.

A More Gentle Prance

Dogs like bulldogs and pugs have more “delicate” exercise needs. Due to their breeding and some genetic difficulty breathing, it’s not wise to push these pets to the max. They are prone to over-exhaustion. A 20-30 minute walk every day with caring dog walkers should be enough for them. 

Environmental considerations for dog walkers

Aside from the energy you need to get out and have some outdoor fun with your Melbourne dog, there are a few more considerations you should keep in mind.

Weather, especially the temperature for dog walking Melbourne is often perfect

The weather in Melbourne is often perfect for dog walks; not too cold and not too hot. So this is an important consideration as dog’s body temperatures can significantly jump when they are physically active. It can be a struggle for them to manage their body temperature in hot weather.

When your dog is unable to cool down in time, this can lead to devastating conditions.

Dog walking? Consider the paving.

People don’t worry about how rough or hot the street can get because we wear shoes but under the hot summer sun, a cement street’s temperature can jump uncomfortably hot and burn a dog’s poor paws. Particularly rough streets can also leave scrapes and scratches.

That’s why it’s important to prioritize walks or exercise on grass as it’s always cool and gentle for dogs walking. Dog walking service providers often have mapped out the perfect, pet-friendly spot routes in the city.

Other considerations when dog walking

While leashes keep others and your dogs safe, be mindful of busy streets, harmful plants and animals in your immediate environment.

There are a handful of plants that are known to be harmful to dogs when eating. Read up on this so the times when you say “I’m going to walk my dog, Melbourne!” can be a lot safer.

Dog walking is seriously the perfect activity with dogs. Aside from the play tug-of-war and cuddles you do at home, walking or dog jogging in Melbourne keeps your pooch’s energy levels in check and quenches their natural curiosity.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that leash and head out the door. And for days where you can’t, you can count on Floofers to get you the best dog walking service near you in Melbourne!

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