Why Choose Floofers for Pet Sitting?

why choose Floofers

Are you a pet lover who wants to get paid for pet sitting? Why should you choose Floofers when it comes to pet sitting? Become a Floofers pet sitter & enjoy pawsome benefits.

So why choose Floofers? Floofers is an innovative virtual platform that allows pet parents to connect with passionate pet carers. We make pet sitting safe, easy, fun, and rewarding for everyone involved. Join our family and build a business where you can get paid to do what you love on your own terms!

1. Manage your own schedule and services

Choose what you want to do and how often you are available. As a pet sitter, you are your own boss!

2. Get more bang for your buck

The lowest service fees in the industry mean a Floofers pet sitter puts more cash in their pocket.

3. Enjoy our premium benefits while pet sitting

Get coverage from top-tier insurance and have access to our elite, hands-on customer service.

Join the Floofers Family in 3 steps

Step 1

Sign up and create your Floofers profile

Step 2

Complete the Floofers on boarding application including undergoing a police check and completing a short quiz

Step 3

Get approved & viola! Start getting paid to cuddle

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Floofers?

We’re pet owners who understand how important proper pet sitting and care are.

Our pet carers are rewarded with benefits that aren’t available on other platforms such as:

The lowest service fee (10%) in the industry. The lowest service fees mean more earning for our pet carers.

Premium customer service support

Pup-dates (pet photo updates with notifications)

Tips for pet sitters with no service fee charge

Live map for dog walking

Premium Insurance with up to 25,000 vet cover

When will Floofers go live?

Launch day will be in Early 2022. This is when clients will see our roster of pet sitting providers and be able to request bookings.

Before then, we are completing extremely thorough testing to make sure that Floofers will be the best tool available for your pet care services. How? By building the most incredible list of pet sitters in Melbourne.

What services can I provide on Floofers as a pet sitter?

Pet sitting – go beyond dog walking, host pets at your home for overnight stays and earn more money!

House sitting – look after a pet in their own environment.

Dog walking – get some exercise with beloved pets in Melbourne on your own terms!

Daycare – Look after pets during the day (not overnight) in your home or their own home.

Drop-in house visits – Visit the pet at their own place for shorter periods. This is usually for feeding, quick playtime and a toilet break.

What is the Floofers criteria aside from loving dogs & cats?

In order to join Floofers, you will need to pass our criteria especially designed for pet sitters.

Our requirements include completing an identity check, submitting a police check certificate (must be less than 12 months old), completing our online pet care training course, and submitting references.

How does the profile review work?

We make sure that every single profile at Floofers is manually reviewed. This ensures all pet sitting providers are upheld to the high quality that we strive for.

Each profile is reviewed and if we think you are a great fit for Floofers your profile will be approved within 2 business days. This time frame may vary if we are unable to reach your references. We will always keep you in the loop of your application status!

When can I set up my profile for pet sitting in Melbourne?

We’re ready to accept new applicants for pet sitters right now. Just click the “Get Started” button, complete the requirements and you will be pet sitting in no time!

Once the review is done and you can be approved, you can start taking client bookings as soon as we officially launch in early 2022.

Remember: your profile will help us achieve our goal of being the #1 choice when Australians search for pet sitters near me!

Are sitters accepted from all around Australia?

Floofers will be open for Victoria residents at launch, but Australia-wide coverage is coming soon. Finding Melbourne pet sitters is our priority, but we’re working on going nationwide so sit tight!

Do I need to pay any fees to use Floofers?

We are very transparent with our fees at Floofers. We guarantee that we will always be free to join and download, and we also have the lowest service fees in the industry for pet sitters.

Once each booking is completed, we collect only 10% to maintain and implement all the features that make us the best pet care platform in Australia.

The fees help with the upkeep of our website, our platform, our payment facility, review process and customer service hotlines.

We want to be a great online platform for owners AND pet sitters. Australia is home to over 29 million pets so there’s a lot for the Floofers pet sitter to do! That’s why we’re always working to keep the wheels turning behind the scenes.

Where can I manage my account?

The Floofers app and website are where you will be able to manage everything to do with your account, such as setting your availability, choosing your hourly rate, and corresponding with pet owners.

What support services are available for pet sitting Melbourne?

We will have a telephone helpline to assist you with any issues that may arise post-launch. In the meantime, please feel free to email us at contact@floofers.com.au and our lovely customer service team will get back to you. We are also ready to answer any questions via our Live Chat on our Floofers website.

How do I get paid once I’ve completed a booking?

Once the booking has been completed and approved, your money will be sent to your nominated payment option within 2-3 business days through STRIPE.

Getting Floofers sitters paid for their hard work is one of our top priorities and receiving your money is a straightforward process on our platform.

Do I need an ABN to become a Floofers sitter?

For pet sitters Australia, the need for the ABN should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Getting an ABN totally depends on your individual circumstances and whether your pet care income reaches a certain level.

In most cases, being a Floofers sitter will not require having an ABN unless you are able to make $18,200 a year or more from pet sitting. If you fall into this category, the Australian government will classify this work as more than a hobby and as a business.

We highly recommend discussing these queries with an accountant for peace of mind.

What does Floofers do with the personal information submitted to create a profile?

All of the personal information used on Floofers is securely stored on our pet sitters database and is not sold or shared with any other entity and abides by the data and privacy policy.

Why Choose Floofers?

So why choose Floofers? It’s simple. Because as a pet sitting company, we are committed to creating an experience that’s safe, fun, and rewarding for everyone involved. Contact us and become a part of our growing family now!

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