Deck the Paws: DIY Pet-Centric Christmas Decorations

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by including our beloved pets in the festive decorations? Here are some fun DIY projects that both you and your pets can enjoy:

Paw Print Ornaments

Capture your pet’s unique paw prints in clay to create charming ornaments. Roll out some pet-safe clay and gently press your pet’s paw onto it. Make a small hole at the top for a ribbon, bake according to the clay’s instructions, and voila – you have a personalised ornament to hang on your tree!

Furry Stockings

Give your pet their own Christmas stocking. Personalise it with their name using pet-friendly felt or fabric markers. Fill the stocking with their favorite treats and toys for an extra special Christmas morning surprise.

Doggy Delight Treat Jars

Decorate a glass jar to hold your pet’s treats with a festive touch. Use non-toxic paint or markers to create paw prints, snowflakes, or even a holiday-themed scene. Your pet will be very excited about the treats inside and the jars will look great as decorations.

Pet Photo Ornaments

Print out your favorite photos of your pets and turn them into ornaments. Attach them to a pet-safe ribbon or string and hang them on the tree. It’s a wonderful way to include your pets in the holiday festivities and create lasting memories.

Pet-friendly Advent Calendar

Make an advent calendar filled with pet treats and surprises. Use small, breathable pouches or pockets and attach them to a decorative board or hang them on a string. Each day, let your pet discover a new treat or toy leading up to Christmas.

Enjoy creating these decorations and making lasting memories with your Floofs this holiday season!

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