Dog Walking in Melbourne VIC

Dog Walking Melbourne

Melbourne is a beautiful place with lots of great spots for play and exploration with dogs. As such, when you walk around, you’ll notice that dog walking in Melbourne is a popular activity among the locals. Upon seeing so many dog owners walking around with their beloved pets on the city’s streets, you’ll probably start to wonder why they love this particular activity. Find verified, trustworthy, and experienced dog walker in Melbourne, VIC with Floofers. Contact us for premium pet walking services today.

So why is dog walking a must?

A Great Form of Exercise

For sure, they can play inside the house or around the lawn but the long stretches of road and lots of horizontal travel of the outside world is incomparable. 

If you’ve got a high-energy dog, running with your dog can help burn that energy!

Feeding the urge the explore.

Letting dogs sniff and explore new surroundings can be a great form of mental stimulation. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise and can be just as tiring.

Opportunities for training.

Practice training your dog while you are out on a walk or in a new environment. Dogs can react differently and get very distracted when they are many new scents to smell. Training your dog outside lets you check how the dog reacts to new stimuli and promote positive and healthy behaviours.

What are the main benefits of walking my dog?

Helps keep the dog’s bones healthy and strong

Helps maintain a healthy weight

Keeps your dog stimulated to prevent boredom and destructive behaviours.

How much walking is needed?

How long you walk your dog will depend on their breed, age, stamina, any medical conditions, and frequency of walks. For a rough guide, here are a few suggestions based on breed:

Small breeds

The small breed range can start from the adorably small chihuahua to the Shih Tzu. They have moderate exercise needs and usually a daily 20-30 minute walk should suffice.

Giant breeds

Big dogs such as Great Danes and Wolfhounds carry more weight on their joints and bones so a slow placed 30-45 minute walk is great. Another option is swimming since it’s friendlier on the joints compared to dog walking. 

Sprinting, Working, and Herding Breeds

These breeds include retrievers, standard poodles, dobermans, huskies, rottweilers, sheepdogs, collies shepherds, cattle dogs, heelers, and corgies. They require A LOT of exercise from an hour to two every single day. 

Meanwhile, traditional “vermin hunters” like terriers, Jack Russel terriers, Yorkshire terriers, and West Highland White Terriers will generally need 30 minutes to an hour of exercise. 

A More Gentle Prance

Dogs like bulldogs and pugs have more “delicate” exercise needs. Due to lack of physical stamina, a 20-30 minute walk is suitable.

Dog walking is seriously the perfect activity with dogs. Aside from the play tug-of-war and cuddles you do at home, dog walking or jogging in Melbourne keeps your pooch’s energy levels in check and quenches their natural curiosity.

For more information about Melbourne dog walking requirements and off-leash areas, visit this page.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that leash and head out the door. And for days where you can’t, you can count on Floofers to get you the best dog walking service near you in Melbourne!

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