Easter With Your Floofs

Easter is just around the corner, and we all have a hop in our step! Whilst you cannot give your dogs a chocolate bunny or a hot cross bun, there are plenty of other ways to share this bouncy holiday with your furry friend! 

Here’s some activities to ensure your dog doesn’t miss out on the fun: 

Easter egg hunt with dog treats 

Easter egg hunts (using dog treats) around the house or backyard are a great enrichment activity for your dog and can also tire them out. Make sure to keep count of the treats as they’re placed and then found. 

Festive treats for your Floof to find:  

  • Low fat Greek yogurt treats 
  • Slices of carrots 
  • Hard boiled eggs that are cut up to avoid choking 
  • Home-made or store bought, dog-friendly, easter cookies 

If you don’t want to scatter treats around, you can opt to hide their treat-filled Kong toy instead for them to search for.  

Easter basket 

Easter baskets are a long-standing tradition in many families, so this year why not make your dog their own special basket and fill it with dog-friendly food, treats and a new toy. 

Easter photo shoot 

Get together with family or friends and set up an Easter friendly photo shoot! Play with your dog first, get them a bit tired out and then pose for photos behind a cute backdrop. In between snapshots, reward your pooch with treats and/or play time. Never force a dog to pose or wear a costume and only do this activity if your dog is enjoying doing so.  

Tips for keeping your pets safe this Easter: 

  • If you are having a chocolate Easter egg hunt, make sure you keep your pets away and that you have counted all chocolate eggs before the egg hunt. Make sure they are all found before your pet is let into that area again. 
  • Keep all Easter food out of reach from your pets.
  • Feed your pets before you eat to make sure they’re full and not interested in food that’s dangerous to them. 

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