Why You Should Hire A Cat Sitter For Your Cat 

Changing environments for a cat can be quite stressful. Choosing a cat sitter to visit your home while you enjoy your time away instead of using boarding facilities can benefit your cat in many ways. 

 What is cat sitting?

Cat sitting is when someone of your choosing comes to your home to care and look after your cat. They will take on the duties of feeding, providing water, playing, cuddling and cleaning up after your cat. They can also be asked to do simple household chores such as bringing in the mail or watering plants while you are away. You can find cat sitters on pet care platforms such as Floofers.

Depending on what option is best for your cat, you can have a cat sitter stay in your home overnight (also known as house sitting) or you can organise that they drop into your home for short visits (also known as drop-in-house visits).  

What are the benefits of choosing a cat sitter?  

  • Cats can stay in their home where they feel most comfortable 

Unfamiliar sounds and smells can make your cat feel stressed. By keeping your cat at home, they can continue feeling comfortable in their usual environment and know exactly where they can use the litter tray, eat, drink, sleep, hide and feel safe. Keeping your cat at home also means there is no disruption to their usual routine or no other cats nearby that may make your cat feel unsettled and stressed.  

  • Individual service 

When choosing a cat sitter, your booking will be personalised to you and your cat. You can choose a cat sitter who is the perfect match for your cat & who you can thoroughly discuss your cat’s needs with prior to the booking. You can ensure your cat is getting one-on-one attention and be provided with daily updates and even video calls if required. Your booking times and dates can be flexible and if your cat has special needs, you can filter your search to find a sitter to suit those requirements.  

  • Cheaper option  

Catteries can be quite expensive and can fill up months in advance. By searching through various cat sitter profiles, you can find someone within your budget and depending on your region, have plenty of options for last minute bookings.  

  • Avoid cat flu 

With so many cats around, your cat may be subjected to viruses such as the cat flu when using boarding facilities. By keeping your cat up to date with vaccinations, indoors & choosing in-house cat sitters, you can reduce the likelihood of your cat picking up viruses from other felines.  

  • Home maintenance & cleanliness 

As well as caring for your cat, you can ensure your home is also being looked after. You can ask your cat sitter to help with daily tasks to ensure your house is kept clean and secure.  

  • Reduce stress & anxiety 

Have a peace of mind for both you and your cat knowing they are with a loving cat sitter. You don’t need to worry about transporting your cat in a carrier or careful planning around pick up/drop off times. You can be sure to come home to a relaxed and happy furry friend.  

If you book through a platform such as Floofers, you can ensure all cat sitters are vetted, police checked and that all bookings are covered by premium insurance if any emergencies arise.  

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